Ada witnessed it. 
The person she was is gone forever. 
The life she used to have, will never be the same. 
Her only solution is to go back to the place, that already changed her once. 
While she forces herself to take what is left of her existence in her own hands, ridden by images of the past in her head, she attempts to fight her own devils. But can an encounter relieve her from her afflictions?
Created [Written, Directed and Produced] by Thomas Kuhn
Shot by Thomas Kuhn
Set Photography by Marco Lombardi 
Soundtrack by Erico Falcone
Starring: Leandra Vorndamm, Alexa Wiesner, Jassin Irscheid & Leonard von der Way
Makeup by: Suijin Kim
Best Boy: Dario Kregenow 
Special Thanks to Basile Simpson, Rachele Stagni & Sophie Altmiks u.v.m.
Original Soundtrack by Erico Falcone -
Featuring Sandunes & Nicholson - Slybounce (acoustic version) & Barotti - There is still time
Snippets of Nils Frahm - Brushes (Live) & Liberace - People (live)
Created in Berlin
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